And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

~Sylvia Path

Maria S McDonald

Maria S McDonald was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in the early hours of 11 May, 1980, of Chinese heritage. She grew up in this third-world, turbulent country until she was 15, before her parents decided to migrate to Australia due to the rising political unrest between native Indonesians and Chinese Indonesians…

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A Writer's Musings

From writing tips that work (and don’t) to book reviews; from sources of my inspirations to excerpts of my WIPs.

The Inner Workings of My Creative Mind

Four Corners of the World

From time to time, I get bitten by the ‘travel bug’. Read about all of my travel experiences here.

Travel with me

Life in General

My family, my day job, my other passions… things I get up to when I’m not writing.

A few of my favourite things...

Penned Projects

An in-depth look at each of my work-in-progress.

From pen and paper to screen

Hello and a warm welcome to you all. Whether you’re a returning visitor, or a passers-by who stumble upon this site via whatever means, I hope you stay around for a while.

On this site, you’ll find all the information about me as an author, and much more. Check back the ‘Home’ page throughout the year as I will be running a few competitions.

‘About Me’, as you would have guessed, provides a brief biography of myself, from the humble beginning of living in a third world country to present day.

‘My Blogs’ section is where I will be spending my time the most. To save you from trawling through thousands of jumbled-together posts, I have categorised these into three entries. ‘A Writer’s Musings’ house everything pertaining to my writing – from writing tips that work for me (and those that don’t) to little excerpts from current work-in-progress; from appearances to book reviews (others and, when the day comes, mine!). ‘Four Corners of the World’ recount another passion of mine – jet-setting to experience the culture and cuisine of different countries. ‘Life and Its Adventures’ contain all those other posts that don’t fit into the previous two categories, from my favourite season to favourite movie, from what I get up to on the weekend (apart from writing) to trials and tribulations at my current work.

‘Penned Projects’ has synopses and excerpts of all my finished and current writing projects.

If you see a page that doesn’t look right, or if you want to offer suggestions/improvements to the website, feel free to email me at or fill in the form on the ‘Contact Me’ section.

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