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A New Beginning (Excerpt)

After an agonisingly slow, one-step-forward-two-step-back start to editing, Peeling Layers (working title of Lizzy & Michael I) is, at last, progressing. It’s a long way from finished. At the time of writing this post, I was editing page 28. But, like a... read more

Plans for 2015

New Year. Time to make new resolutions, or rehash the old ones you never got around to do. A chance to fill up the calendar/diaries, planning for a year that’s better than the last. Overall, my plan this year is quite simple; to achieve that state of zen between work,... read more

2014: The Year In Review

As the clock struck midnight to end 2014, the words of Claire Morgan from the 2011 movie New Year’s Eve kept echoing in my mind. “… to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by, to remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the... read more

Brain ‘Exercise’

Sometimes, no matter how hard I tried to focus on writing the sections to ‘fill the gap’ in my current, various WIPs, my thoughts went off on a tangent. And over the years, I’ve learnt to give in to the voices inside my head and write them down... read more


One of the joys in editing ‘Peeling Layers’ (current working title of ‘Lizzy & Michael I) is stumbling upon a passage such as this. There was something peculiar and downright intriguing about the girl he stumbled upon as he reached the end of the... read more

The World is A’Changin…

The other day, I watched an Indonesian news about a state school in Medan (North Sumatra) boasting their value of multiculturalism. The school enrolled students from various races and religions, and had built a Church, a Mosque and a Synagogue in the same school... read more

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