Sometimes, no matter how hard I tried to focus on writing the sections to ‘fill the gap’ in my current, various WIPs, my thoughts went off on a tangent. And over the years, I’ve learnt to give in to the voices inside my head and write them down – hence why, like so many other authors I know, I have multiple writing projects going at the one time.

I’m not sure if this will become another full-blown novel. I don’t even know where else to go from here – my brain hasn’t decided that yet. But these words below have been ringing inside my head for some time, refusing to be shut out.

Out of the three men whom had abducted her, she disliked the one they had referred to as ‘Luke’ the most. Throughout the twenty-minute ride spent with her face pressed to the floor of the van and both hands tied behind her back, his hand had repeatedly wormed itself under her skirt and pinched her inner thigh. When they had tied her to the bed, the same hand had lingered above her breast unnecessarily; his tongue had hung out of the corner of his mouth the like of a salivating dog.

She froze upon finding Luke lurking near the doorway, the hammering in her heart grew faster and louder as he stepped forward. She half-rolled to the other side of the bed, not for the first time cursing the cuffs securing her wrists to the headboard.

“No!” She thrashed about as Luke climbed atop her effortlessly. “No! Please…”

The words ‘Don’t do this!’ came out as a muffled mumble as Luke pressed a hand over her mouth. He ran a hand under her skirt and slapped her wriggling thigh.

“That’s it, Sweetheart,” he panted, grinning as her lower body went limp. “It won’t take…”


The knee trying to spread her legs open stiffened. She strained to peer past Luke’s shoulders at the same time her assailant threw a backward glance, finding the leader of the pack leaning against the doorjamb, his arms crossed over his chest, eyes narrowing reprovingly.

She made a muffled, high-pitched sound as Luke ran his tongue over her cheek. She dared not breathe, nor move a single muscle even after Luke had climbed off the bed, his gruff threat still ringing in her ear.

This is far from over.