Despite all efforts, the change to part-time job hasn’t worked as well as the College and I had anticipated. I have found myself firing up my computer on my days off to catch up on those things I simply couldn’t get to during my working days. And whilst I have never had an aversion to working from home or after hours, I was doing so way too often and the volume of said work was way too much for my liking, tipping my work-life balance to one side very significantly.

It didn’t leave much room for anything else. My brain was so fried that I had no strength nor desire to blog or write. Everything that wasn’t work-related was suspended.

After much soul-searching and many conversations with my husband, I decided that it was time for a change. And until I took that step of telling the College Principal of said fact, and my plans to take some leave and concentrate on finding another job, I have never realised just how much the strains of this job had changed me.

I began to rediscover the simple things once I was on leave. Like singing to my favourite tunes whilst driving; something I have done for as long as I could remember, but have abandoned from doing so because my mind was racing with creating a long mental to-do list. Or the fact that I have been watching some of my favourite TV programs purely as another distraction, willing my mind to think of something else other than how much more work I still need to catch up on. As I made a joke and laughed with my husband, I realised that I haven’t done so for quite some time; that in my stress-induced stage, it had always been him who have made a joke and tried to make me laugh.

Things happen for a reason, and there was no better sentiment to reflect my current circumstance. No sooner than I had finished telling the principal about my decision, a part-time job at another college came up. It was the one and only position I applied for, anxiously waited news on, successful in gaining an interview for, and successfully secured the position.

It’s a Secretary position, supporting the Leadership Admin team half the size of where I was before. It is a newly created position at the College, which requires a degree of flexibility from me and the team I’m looking after as to how the role will take shape. And the Principal was very mindful of staff’s commitment outside working hours that he had promised me that I will only be required to work from home/after hours minimally.

I’m keeping a realistic expectations – more grounded than when I accepted my previous role. I am excited to develop the role the best way I know how, and to make it ‘my own’. Everything else…. I simply will have to ‘wait and see’.

Have you had to change jobs recently? How have you approached your manager to talk about the subject? Have you found that your change of scenery is the right move? Leave your comment below – would love to hear about your experiences.