I realise that in the busyness of life, I have totally neglected recounting my journey to my husband’s hometown Philippines.

We are both lovers of food. Apart from beetroot and pumpkin (for myself), and pickles and olives (for my husband), we will scoff down almost everything presented in front of us. And having sampled some of the Filippino authentic foods such as chicken adobo, beef steak , halo-halo and leche flan (creme caramel), both my husband and I were beyond ecstatic in anticipation of sampling MORE authentic Filippino dishes.

And boy, did Philippines deliver! By the time we returned to Australia, we’ve put on about 3 kilos. But we had no regrets. We ate like we have been starved for three months. We ate food we couldn’t possibly sample anywhere in Australia, except at mother-in-law’s house. And we encountered everything in-between.

Aristocrat Restaurant – Home of the Best BBQ in Town

The sign greeting us before we entered the restaurant - just in case we had ideas to hold everyone at gunpoint and steal the delicious food...?

Chicken Adobo











Beef Mecado - the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef steak

















There is a special story to this dish. My husband, his older and younger brother inserted a piece of this into their mouths at exactly the same time. What ensued shortly afterwards was a collective sigh, followed by a proclamation that “it is THE BEST crispy pork I’ve ever tasted!” Two months later, as we reminisced about our trip to Philippines, one, or more of the brothers would say, “Remember that pork we had at Aristocrat?”

Crispy Pata aka Crackling Pork










Here comes the dessert

Darling husband saying "Mine! All mine!" to Leche Flan

Putu Maya - Coconut sticky rice pudding with mango slices - DIVINE!













Half-eaten sticky rice - that's how GOOD it was 🙂

Ube cake - sweet potato cake. I know, it's purple, but it tasted so goooo-od!










Inside each banana-leaf wrapped is something sticky, green, with shredded coconut. What's the code word again? DIVINE!















More food pictures

My buffet plate at Kamayan restaurant. You wouldn't believe it, but what I'm most excited about on this plate... was the greens! Called kangkung in Tagalog/Indonesian, they are the best vegetable dish I've grown up with 🙂

Dinner at Banana Leaf - with banana leaf as the plates. Effective no - less dishes to was


















I haven’t forgotten about the SMB. It stands for San Miguel Beer – one of the only few beers I could stomach. And so at almost every meal, instead of the usual coke zero or coconut juice my husband and I usually order, we’ve grown accustomed to order and even have a supply of a few San Miguel beers back in our hotel room.

Cheers everyone 🙂