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2014: The Year In Review

As the clock struck midnight to end 2014, the words of Claire Morgan from the 2011 movie New Year’s Eve kept echoing in my mind. “… to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by, to remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the... read more

Home Town

Over Christmas-New Year holiday period, my husband and I had a chance to travel overseas. Naturally, we returned to a place we both loved – my home town, Jakarta. There is something extra-special about travelling back to your own home town; something that goes... read more


Standing by our hotel bedroom’s window in Jakarta, waiting for the clock to strike midnight on 31 December 2012 and the fireworks to start, I found myself reminiscing of the year that was. A friend of mine asked these 3 simple questions, so I’m going to... read more

Food, more food… oh, and SMB, please?

I realise that in the busyness of life, I have totally neglected recounting my journey to my husband’s hometown Philippines. We are both lovers of food. Apart from beetroot and pumpkin (for myself), and pickles and olives (for my husband), we will scoff down... read more

Are You Waving At Me?

We have asked my mother-in-law to pick us up at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) when we landed. We have told them that our plane would land at 4 in the afternoon. We, in turn, have also been given a descriptive instuction as to where my mother-in-law would meet us. Fine and dandy… right?

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Leaving… On A (Jet) Plane…

Customer Service – It’s The Little Things… It’s been more than a month since my husband and I jet set to his home town, and two weeks since I got back, so without further ado, it is time to recount my latest sojourn. And what better way to... read more

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…

Today is the day! After about 9 months of planning, and waiting, and counting down, we are now down to the wire. In about 7 hours, we will leave our home for 3.5 weeks, and by new dawn tomorrow, we will fly across the Pacific Ocean to Singapore, and get a connecting... read more

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