Happy-New-Year-CopyNew Year. Time to make new resolutions, or rehash the old ones you never got around to do. A chance to fill up the calendar/diaries, planning for a year that’s better than the last.

Overall, my plan this year is quite simple; to achieve that state of zen between work, life and writing. A presenter once told me that in order for goals to be achievable, you should aim to create 3 measurable ones; anything more becomes too overwhelming, and you might run the risk of not achieving any.

With that in mind, this year, I’ll strive to:

  1. Avoid as much of last-minute chaos at work. Easier than done, of course, because some parts of my work involve chasing and waiting on other people for information. But one can try to initiate little processes way in advance, set up little reminders for myself, and poke the people involved more often (and just maybe, they’ll grow so sick of my ‘nagging’ they’ll give said information to me).
  2. Balance the time spent on doing house chores and writing. Read my strange obsession on keeping the house clean and tidy post. This year, I plan to dedicate either an hour to do house chores, or complete a task a day (whichever one suits best, depending on the task). When that hour is up/that task is done, I plan to stop and dedicate just as much time writing. I’d like to be able to set a goal of ‘finish editing Peeling Layers (working title of ‘Lizzy & Michael I)’, but I think that may be a bit too ambitious, and I don’t want to set a goal too high only to fail before I start. Suffice to say that my writing has suffered greatly last year, and I plan to put this particular passion of mine back to the front of the shelf.
  3. This may seem very trivial, but I plan to master the art of making sweet pies. I’d love to be able to create a proper pie crust, rather than cheat and use the store-bought shortcrust pastry. I was given a blow torch as a Secret Santa present a couple of years back so that I could torch the meringue for lemon meringue pie. To this day, that present is still in its original packaging, waiting to be opened and used. And I plan to use it starting this year.

These are my ‘ big rocks’ for 2015. What are yours? Share by leaving a comment below.