When I feel the need to take a break from the written world, or when all my ideas seem stagnant, I turn into another craft; one that has enticed me long before I started scribbling with pen and paper.

Just like writing, this craft has a very similar therapeutic powers. It has enabled me to wind down from some trying days. It has the same touch to unclog my brain, getting rid of those jumbled thoughts and making ways for inspiring ones. Just like writing, this particular craft requires certain amount of ‘chopping’ and changing; of figuring out how to construct all the separate elements to make one workable piece.

Unlike writing, there are more muscles required to complete this craft. I’ve found myself punching card and paper stocks alike to desired shapes. I’ve sprinkled magic dust over magic glue and, back before I had a proper heating gun, had used the toaster at all hours to heat up  and set the embossing powder. I’ve stamped and roll-a-graph countless card surfaces, and from time to time visited a childhood activity of colouring in.

I’m talking about card-making. What has started simply as an experiment, wanting to find out what the fuss is all about, has become another passion. I make cards for almost every occasion – from birthdays to Christmas, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day, from baby-specific to generic, you-can-use-it-to-say-anything type of cards. There are days (or even weeks) that my entire table is covered with bits of chopped papers and cut-out stars and flowers; that my room smells of glue and burnt paper; that my fingertips are smudged from stamp inks.

Christmas Card Sample

Female Birthday Card SampleMale Birthday Card Sample








Generic Card Sample

Generic Card Sample 02










Trademark signage





What about you? What do you do when the writing simply isn’t happening? Leave your comment below – would love to hear your experiences.