First of all, thank you so much to all who has submitted an entry (or entries) to my first-ever competition. I have enjoyed reading every single entry, and have even found some very interesting occupations out there I haven’t thought/heard of in a very long time.

Without further ado, the winner is…. *drumroll*


PENNE CHANTEL – for the following entry.

She was a  journalist/ photographer.  She is details oriented, highly analytical, excels in communication and technology, sees the world from different perspectives, accustomed to traveling light and ready in an instant to get the story or take the snap of a lifetime.

She may also dabble in ‘hobbies’ such as theatre (ability to perform a character convincingly as CIA agent); rock climbing; abseiling (agility & fitness); archery (she can hit her target from 100 mtrs) and origami ( just because it’s cool to fold something two dimensional into a three dimensional object).

Thank you for giving me quite a lot of ideas I could incorporate into the story. Evelyn’s former occupation would be a well-sought professional photographer, capturing special moments in a variety of different fields.

Congratulations, Penne! $25 Amazon voucher will be emailed to you shortly.