Suffice to say that my writing plan for 2013 didn’t work out according to plan, as my full-time work demanded a lot more of my attention than I originally anticipated.

It was the College’s milestone anniversary, and even though (quoting the Principal’s repeated sentiment) “we were still a lot younger than those who were celebrating 50th and 150th anniversaries, we had lots of stories, and this is aa milestone worth celebrating.”

In that respect, there were quite a lot of additional events I had to help pull together than usual. In addition to that, even though we were ‘young’ compared to some of our other schools in the Diocese, buildings continued to wear and tear; some ‘lovely darlings’ continued to vandalise the College’s facilities in every which way possible; all of which required my, and the groundsmen’s attention. So much so that the ‘Facilities’ part of my role was taking up to three-quarter of my day.

To do the ‘Communications & Facilities Coordinator’ role justice, I began taking work home; I began working on media stories, advertisements, and other Communications-related responsibilities between 7 to 9PM, at least 3 times a week. My immediate line manager has told me off on more than one occasions to turn my computer off and do what other normal people do when they get home (like watching trashy TV programs). My husband, understanding as he was, began asking when I would actually finish for the night so that we could spend some quality time.

It really didn’t hit me on how much these was taking a toll on most aspects of my personal life until mid-August, when I took a sickie and still continued to put in about 3-4 hours of work at home. I took another sickie the next day because I simply couldn’t muster any enthusiasm of going to work, knowing that there were so many Facilities-related issues that I had to solve, immediately. It was a feeling I haven’t had about work in a very long time.

With this in mind, I had gone to the Principal’s office and had a very honest conversation with him about this. I told him that as much as I appreciate the need to act on removing obscene graffiti and written words in both girls’ and boys’ toilets, this really wasn’t my forte. And what I thought was my forte, writing ‘good news stories’ about the College and marketing the College in appropriate capacity, I simply couldn’t do it justice.

It took a lot of negotiations; a lot of back-and-forth conversations before we reached an agreement that satisfied both myself (and my husband) and the College. It took until my last day of 2013 (mid-December) to have my new role finalised and for me to sign on the dotted line of my new contract.

I can say though, that perseverance has finally paid off. My new role from this year onward is ‘Communications & Events Coordinator’, with most of the Facilities responsibilities being shifted to the newly appointed ‘Grounds & Facilities Coordinator’ at the College. After three years of relentlessly asking, I have finally been granted to part-time work!

Has any of you moved from full-time to part-time work recently (or vice versa)? How have you found the shift – better, worse, about the same? Leave your comment below – would love to hear your experiences.